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Our 10 step guide is so easy a monkey could use it to make a podcast (maybe one already has). 


We use non-technical language and offer a gloassary of terms to demystify the world of podcast jargon. 


Best of all, I discovered all of these techniques by creating my own podcasts which now has over 10,000 streams.


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Why Use My Methods?

Before I started my podcast, I was uncertain of my skills to ask questions and interview my guests, to edit the podcast professionally, or to promote it online. Now I’ve conducted more than 50 interviews of around an hour, spoken to politicians, thought leaders, academics, and YouTubers. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way and I built this guide to make sure you don’t make them too!

Using From Scratch to 10 you’ll learn how to:

Record High Quality Audio

I walk you through a handful of different options for recording software and hardware, offering budget and premium recommendations for any out there. 

Ask Intriguing Questions

Especially duirng an interview podcast, asking good questions in key to your success. If your guests enjoy the show, they’re more likely to help promote the episode.

Supplement Your Existing Business

There are very few digital industries that would not benefit from engaging in a little more podcasting. It’s an excellent way to drive new traffic to your site and generate business leads

Leverage Your Guests’ Audience

The bigger the guests, the bigger the podcast. Why do you think Joe Rogan has the world’s most listened to podcast? He has the best guests. From Scratch to 10 will help you reach out to guests you never dreamed of interviewing.

Case Study

Chatter – My Own Podcast

The advice in my ebook is based on my own experience. Before I began podcasting I found that there was very few guides out there that truly helped you to understand some of the most difficult, but most crucial aspects. I was working by trial and error, but thankfully, you don’t have to! 

My Best Episodes

There are a handful of episodes of Chatter than I’m really proud of. They signify points in my journey and guests that were particularly important to me

Bret was and is to this day one of the best guests that I had on the show. He appeared on Joe Rogan alongside Jordan Peterson and is the most famous guest I’ve had the pleasure to interview.

Chatter #14 – Bret Weinstein

Dr Katy Hayward was one of the first academics that I got to interview on Brexit and the Irish Border issue. Her high quality analysis soon found her blowing up on political Twitter.

Chatter #18 – Dr Katy Hayward

Matt and Chloe work for DeSmog UK, one of the leading investigative sites for climate denial news. It was a real pleasure to get to talk to passionate journalists about their craft and the future of the planet. 

Chatter #47 – Matt Hope and Chloe Farand

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